Against my better judgement…


There, now my geek cred is established. Or is it? Would it help if I told you that the first time I wrote that line it was actually like this…

     100500 DISPLAY “Hello world!” LINE 15 POSITION 10.’

Ah, ROTFL! Which is what we said prior to LOL taking over, and I still think sounds more elegant and is more emotive. Amazingly, experience actually has arrived with age. I used to think that this was a con used to make us feel good about aging, but it’s not; it’s true.

I now understand that if I’m going to spend time each week ‘talking shit on the machine’, to quote E.Dubble, then it may as well be about something I love and to hell with needing anyone else to read it!

So to explain, after my family, my two great loves are:

  • Games. Game design, game theory, gamifying systems, etc. ad nauseum
  • Human psychology, including imagination-theory, and NLP

Perhaps the overlap between these two arenas will provide a fertile ground for a brain-dump (How poetic! Wondering if I can work manure into this gardening metaphor? There, I just did ; )

So, against my better judgement, and following the judgement of my betters, let me kickoff with the thought-of-the-day which is ‘whether you think you can… or you think you can’t… then you are probably over-thinking it…’ Hang on that’s not right, is it?

Of course, if you want to join me on this epic-tragic quest, then you are more than welcome. So you are fully informed, I plan to space the blog out with a mixture of written entries, and spoken entries and/or interviews (not a Podcast, just uploaded audio snippets.) Along the way I also want to test with you the latest gaming concepts I am working on, such as *** *** **** [****] and other titles that are so super-secret they have not even been imagined yet!



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