Alphasmart on the kickoff!

Look what arrived in the mail today… a band new (ahem!) #Alphasmart #NEO2… yay!


And before you ask, no, this little puppy is not for #NaNoWriMo.

I wrote most of #HighSpace on an Alphasmart 3000, so ‘does that mean that an update to HighSpace on the cards?’ I hear you ask.

You bet! HighSpace v2.0 (‘Uplifted’? ‘Upgraded’?) will launch as a #Kickstarter just after Christmas.

There is also another cracker of a game that I have been developing for about two years now that is nearing rough draft, and will also be graced by the beautiful keyboard action of the NEO2.

Drop me a line if you love your Alphasmart (and who doesn’t! I own four of them now 🙂 The only viable competitor I have seen is the King Jim out of Japan, and if you have one of those I’d like to know what you think of it?



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